Apollo Creed

The fictional undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Apollo creed Was played by Carl Weathers .
His nicknames included the count of Monte Cristo, the master of disaster, the King of sting, the dancing destroyer and the prince of punch .
He popularised red white and blue stars and stripes boxing shorts .
His first fight against Rocky Balboa was a gruelling 15 round battle.  Tired beaten and bloodied Apollo gained victory Via a split decision .
In rocky two Apollo creed demanded a rematch during this rematch Apollo was knocked down by Rocky and is not able to beat the count.  He then retired from boxing .
In rocky three Apollo becomes a mentor to rocky helping him defeat the fearsome Clubber Lang
His final appearance was to be in rocky four.  He fought Soviet Olympic boxer Ivan Drago in an exhibition match Only to be seriously hurt.  Apollo creed died in rock's arms 

 Some classic quotes from Apollo creed . 

There is no tomorrow!  There is no tomorrow!  There is no tomorrow! .
Isn't gonna be no rematch .
This man is dangerous?  I'm dangerous!  I'm dangerous! .
Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about now, but believe me you were when it's over.  You were when it's over.
Well, I've been with the best, and I'd be the best!  I've retired more men than social security!.