Rocky Balboa

Rocky the Italian stallion dons his gloves for the last and final time.
Rocky Balboa is in many ways a poor movie compared to the Glory of the other rocky films.
In this final edition Sylvester Stallone is passed his prime and approaching 60 years of age.
Rocky is trying to prove that he still has what it takes.  He struggles with his son rocky junior, who resents living in his father's shadow.
He is an ageing champion clinging to memories of his dead wife and experiencing flashbacks through the movie.  He's still loved by the people of Philadelphia.
Mason " the line" Dixon is the current undefeated heavyweight boxing champion of the world.  During a news broadcast Mason and rocky broadcast a computer simulated fight, this shows rocky as the winner over the younger Mason.
Rocky junior resents the living in the shadow of a legend, a hero.
The move like the others futures plenty of would be music to various options scenarios.  Delivery also like the others features Paulie.  Perhaps the weakest of the rocky movies Rocky Balboa the movie plays the series to rest